We offer a full range of dental services, from preventive care to full makeover at the hands of our gentle considerate dentists. We can do wisdom teeth extractions, cleans, dentures and night guards, fillings and much more!

Planning for Healthy Teeth

Prevention is the key for a healthy happy pain free mouth! for this reason we are happy to support patients wanting to engage in preventive care and treatment. This reduces the amount of dental work required over a lifetime and also the costs! For patients willing to get preventive care treatment and inspections twice a year we offer a great discount under special programs!


Loss of teeth causes adverse esthetic and biomechanical consequences which become worse when the patients lose all their teeth.

Wearing complete or partial dentures not only is good for patients to regain their confidence and self-esteem But also benefits overall health.

Making dentures is a multi-session treatment that can start even before extracting teeth, right away or months after.

After receiving dentures all patients would be given complete instruction on how and when to wear the dentures in order to adapt more easily. They would be educated on cleaning and maintenance procedures and check-up intervals.

Teeth Whitening

Have you ever desired to get your teeth whitened and then gotten frustrated by the variety of products in the market and the different services the dentists offer?

Tooth Whitening or simply Bleaching is a dental procedure best to be done under a dentist’s supervision.

There are two major protocols for Teeth Whitening:

  • In-Office Bleaching
  • Home Bleaching
In-office tooth whitening is solely done by the dentist. To reach the best result, this procedure should be carried out three times during three consecutive weeks. Depending on the material used it would take between 25 to 45 minutes per session. The fact that some brands advertise that using a light stand would render a better result has no scientific backup and if done correctly there is no difference in the results reached with or without light.

Home tooth whitening is a procedure in which the dentist makes you special custom trays to take home and gives you some syringes of tooth whitening material to be applied by you in the trays. You should wear these trays during the day or night per the doctor’s advice. You should continue wearing the trays at least for two weeks every day for each arch to get the best result.

One of the most cost-effective protocols is doing one session of office bleach and then continuing with home bleach. In this case, you will have your trays, and every now and then when feel needed you can use them for 2-3 days.

If you thoroughly go through the procedures whether home or in-office tooth whitening and pay attention to the instruction given by the doctor, your teeth would stay bright for nearly two years.

Remember, for the best result, you should have your teeth cleaned and start using desensitizing toothpaste a week before your tooth whitening session. Based on your needs and tooth condition, your dentist is the best person to advise you on the technique, type of material, and concentration you should use to have brighter and whiter teeth.

Night Guards

Bruxism is repetitive clenching, teeth grinding, or bracing or thrusting of the mandible. It can occur during sleep or when awake. Tooth grinding during sleep, which is usually noted by a sleep partner, is more common.

The etiology of sleep bruxism is complex and multifactorial. Common triggers of bruxism are:

Caffeine, alcohol, smoking, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, stress, and anxiety, antidepressants or even a new dental restoration.

Bruxism can lead to teeth wear and faucets, masticatory muscle pain felt mostly in the temporal area, and in aggressive cases, it can result in temporomandibular joint pain or clicking.

Sleep bruxism can be managed by avoiding risk factors, relaxation techniques and occlusal appliances.

There is insufficient evidence to support the use of drugs in the management of awake or sleep bruxism.

Full-coverage intraoral occlusal appliances (splints or dental guards) can be used to protect the teeth from attrition during sleep bruxism. They should be custom-made by a dentist with appropriate expertise and regularly reviewed and adjusted as required. In addition to preventing tooth damage, intraoral occlusal appliances reduce muscle strain and loading of the temporomandibular joints; however, they do not cure bruxism.

Ask our doctors for more information.

Cosmetic Dentistry

All dentistry procedures carry an element of cosmetic artistry to them. However, we can make that special effort to do treatments just to improve the look of your smile.

If there is something that you would like to improve we have a range of options and alternatives like tooth-colored restorations, and composite and ceramic veneers to suit your budget and give you the look you are after.

Dental Health

Apart from brushing and flossing, there are so many things you can do to have oral and dental health. Some of them are as follows:

Try not to snack between meals. If you feel like snacking choose sugar-free and low acidic foods like cheese, bread sticks, nuts, plain popcorn, and raw vegetables

Keep sweets and sugary foods to a minimum. They are allowed but it’s better to be eaten at mealtime. Remember it is not the amount of sugar you eat or drink, but how often you do it.

Cut down on carbonated soft drinks. Many, including diet soft drinks, contain acids that can damage tooth enamel.

Alcoholic drinks such as white wine, beer, and cider can be very acidic. This will cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth, possibly leading to pain and sensitivity.

Spirits such as vodka and whiskey are very high in alcohol and will give you dry mouth.

Many mixers and alcopops are high in sugar. This can cause dental decay.

Don’t smoke or use tobacco. Tobacco stains the teeth and the “yellowing effect” teeth cannot be removed by brushing alone. Your dentist can recommend other options, such as teeth whitening for removing these stains.

More important than staining, remember smoking can lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and in more severe cases mouth cancer.

If you can’t brush right after eating, rinse your mouth with water or have a piece of sugar-free gum. That’s because chewing gum increases your saliva, which is the mouth’s built-in defense to neutralize plaque acids against the development of harmful plaque.

Children's Dentistry

Book your child in for their first dental visit to see our friendly dentist Dr Vanousheh. We offer check up and cleans, fluoride treatment, fissure sealants and mouthguards.

Emergency Dentistry

If you do have a dental emergency then please contact us as soon as you can. We will arrange an emergency appointment for you which will usually be on the same day, particularly if you are in pain. We will provide suitable treatment to relieve any pain as soon as we can, so we can have you feeling more comfortable during your initial appointment. It is likely that you will need to return to see us at a later date for further treatment to correct the problem responsible for causing your dental emergency.