About Dr Jugenis

With over a year of experience working with children and adults to promote healthy dental habits, Dr Jugenis (jo-he-nis) Falcon is a young bright light who’s passion for dental is easily recognised from the moment you walk into her surgery. She offers a wide range of dental procedures for patients of all ages. In addition to all general dental services Dr Falcon also offers teeth whitening, mouthguards, crowns and root canal treatments.
Jugenis was raised in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. As a young lady her passion for dentistry started early, Jugenis achieved honours in her dental degree (from the University “José Antonio Paez”, at San Diego, Carabobo) and worked as a dentist before deciding to peruse her dreams of moving and working in Australia making her fluent in Spanish and english. Dr Falcon’s drive to succeed has not stopped, by relocating to Australia and continuing her studies.
When Jugenis is not working, she likes to train hard to keep herself strong and healthy. She enjoys photography, singing, dancing and traveling as well.